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Oil Furnace Services in Portland, OR

Modern furnaces often rely on natural gas, which is easy to access and tends to cost less than heating oil. Having said that, oil furnaces tend to last a good long time, and if you live in the Portland, OR area, you might still have one operating in your home. In fact, new oil furnaces are still installed in homes where gas heating isn’t an option. That means you’ll need a trained Portland, OR oil furnace repair technician capable of performing oil furnace maintenance, and other types of oil furnace services.

At [(site_name]), we provide heating services of all varieties, including services for oil furnaces new and old. That means we can handle oil furnace repair and maintenance services for you, especially if your existing furnace is older and needs a little TLC. Call our team and let us know what you need or schedule a service today.


The biggest difference between oil and gas furnaces is the way the fuel is delivered to your Portland, OR home. Heating oil must often be purchased by the homeowner themselves and is stored in a tank somewhere on the property. Natural gas is usually piped in via lines directly from the city, which means you don’t need to worry about running out.

Oil furnaces tend to cost less to install than gas furnaces but cost more to run than gas furnaces since they are less efficient. On the other hand, oil furnaces don’t present a safety hazard the way gas furnaces can.


Regardless of how old your oil furnace is and what kind of use you put it to, you want a team with experience in handling oil furnaces to be there for you when you need them to. The last thing you need is an unexpected breakdown in the middle of winter, and calling a repair service that doesn’t have experience with oil furnaces can end up costing you both time and money.

Our team, on the other hand, has a great deal of experience handling problems with oil furnaces, and since we provide repair calls throughout the Portland area, you can be assured that the problem will get resolved the first time every time. That can make a huge difference when the snows are falling and you need your problematic heater to get back up to speed quickly.


Many oil furnaces are older models, and all of them can build up a great deal of soot and grime over time. If you own an oil furnace, you should schedule periodic maintenance sessions from a trained team. Such sessions should take place once a year at least, at either the beginning or end of the heating season.

They benefit your system not only by reducing wear and tear and lowering the risk of a breakdown, but helping to improve its efficiency. That means lower monthly bills in the heart of winter and a reliable system that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to run!

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