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Hillsboro OR HVAC Services, Air Conditioning & Furnace Repair by Western Heating & Cooling

Winters in Hillsboro, OR are as cold as anywhere, and without proper heating, your home could quickly turn into an icicle. That means having a reliable heating system ready to go, but also a reliable water heater to provide hot water for cooking and cleaning. Summers can be a bear in Hillsboro, too. That’s why we also offer air conditioning services from ac repairs to full ac replacements. Ideally, you require an HVAC company that can deliver on both sides of this spectrum.

And that’s where we come in. At Western Heating & Cooling, we provide quality installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services for both heating and water heaters in your home. Our technicians rank among the best in the business and we serve homes throughout the Hillsboro area. Contact our team today!


A reliable air conditioning system is as important to a pleasant summer as kids playing in the sprinklers and relaxing on the porch on a warm summer night. That means that it works the way it is intended to whenever you turn it on. When that doesn’t happen, turn to our trained team at Western Heating & Cooling, not only for quality repair services, but for timely maintenance done once or twice a year to keep your system from experiencing any unpleasant surprises.


Quality AC repair means more than just addressing the immediate nature of the problem. Putting a bandage on the issue means that it could easily pop up again a few weeks or months down the line. A top–notch repair service will act quickly, but also ensure that your air conditioner is fixed for the long–term, not just the immediate future.

Home Heating Services Are a Snap!

Hillsboro has long, cold winters that feature a lot of snow, and the last thing you need is a heating system that doesn’t do the job it should. We can respond quickly when your heater breaks down, as well as providing quality maintenance services to prevent breakdowns from happening in the first place. But our services go beyond that. We also tailor the installation of new heating systems to ensure your heater fits the specific needs of your home!

Heating Repair Services Need to Move Quickly

If your heater breaks down in the middle of a cold front, your family can’t just sit there and shiver while they wait for repairs. A quality service knows that time is a factor, and will move to conduct quality repairs with speed and efficiency. That means making sure the problem is fixed the right way the first time.

Trust Us for Gas Furnace Services

Most furnaces in the area are gas furnaces, fed by natural gas from a civic line to power burners that heat the air. Gas furnaces are popular because they are quite efficient and don’t cost much to run. But they are also more prone to breakdowns than electric furnaces are. That’s why Western Heating & Cooling offers a full range of quality gas furnace repair services, as well as preventative maintenance to spot problems early and correct them before they shut your system down!

You Need Professionals for Gas Furnace Repair & Replacement

Natural gas can be dangerous if it leaks into your home, and problems with gas furnaces aren’t something that a do–it–yourselfer can address. It takes proper licensing and training to properly identify the problem and correct it without making the situation worse. Call on us for furnace repair and replacement services, and let the professionals do the job for you!

Electric Furnaces Make a Great Fit for the Right Household

Not every home works best with a gas furnace, especially those that are off the grid or lack access to a civic gas line. Electric furnaces run on your home’s power source and don’t require gas lines. They’re cheaper to install and less prone to breakdowns than gas furnaces, but they usually cost more to operate from month to month. Luckily, our trained experts at Western Heating & Cooling have the skills you need to perform installation, maintenance, replacement and repair on your electric furnace!

The Right Team Can Handle Electric Furnace Repair & Replacement

Electric furnaces are easier to repair and replace than gas furnaces since there are no gas lines to worry about and they can run on your home’s electrical grid. But that doesn’t mean you can leave those operations to anyone but trained professionals, who know the steps to take and have the experience necessary to do the job right.

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