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Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Scappoose, OR

Scappoose, OR involves a lot of temperature variation throughout the year. Our hot and muggy summers demand proper air conditioning while our freezing cold winters mean you need a quality heating system to prevent your home from turning into a popsicle.

But no matter what the time of year and no matter what kind of problem your heating or air conditioning system has, the pros at Western Heating & Cooling can help. Our trained team of experts travels to homes throughout the Scappoose area, and they bring years of experience with them. Trust us to fix your heating and air conditioning issues!

We Provide Expert Home Heating Services

Heating experts can make sure that a problem with your heating system gets fixed, but it can be easy to make a fast fix at the expense of long–term reliability. That is no small consideration in Scappoose, where the winters are cold enough to warrant proper heating all day, every day. Any issue needs to get resolved the first time. Trust the experts at Western Heating & Cooling for the expertise to fix your heating problem the right way every time!

Heating Repair Is Always Serious

Sometimes heating repair issues are minor, such as when the air is heated, but not heated as much as you expect. Even a small issue like that, however, must be addressed by a trained professional in order to diagnose the issue properly and apply the right corrective measure to keep it in place. Count on our team for first–rate heating repair!

We’re the Right Source for Gas Furnace Services

A gas furnace is a reasonably simple device, but it takes training and licensing to treat the right way. Like a good mechanic for your car, the right gas furnace service is invaluable to keeping your home warm and trouble with your heat supply to a minimum. At Western Heating & Cooling, we have the experience and skills you need for great gas furnace servicing, whether it is a simple maintenance job or a full–bore replacement. Contact us today to find out more.

You Know Who to Call for Gas Furnace Repair and Replacement

If your gas furnace runs into trouble and you need to get it fixed, you don’t want to waste time hunting around for a service. The contractor you call the first time needs to get the issue addressed the right way, and you don’t want to wonder if the same issue is going to crop up again down the road.

Do You Need an Electric Furnace Installed in Scappoose?

If you live in a rural home off the grid, or have a vacation home in such an area, you should think about the installation of an electric furnace. They provide reliable heat for the whole house and they connect to your electrical grid, allowing them to be operated without gas lines. And they allow you to ditch those awkward space heaters or similar stopgap measures in favor of a permanent and easy solution. Call on our trained team today!

You Can Rely on Us for Electric Furnace Repair and Replacement

Just as an electric furnace requires the right team to install it properly, so too do you need expert service to handle any breakdowns or repairs the right way. The same holds true for a more extensive operation, such as replacing an old electric furnace for a new one, and then safely removing the old system from your home.

Air Conditioning Installation is a Snap for the Right Team

With experience and expertise comes ease of use that benefits every system, particularly something important like your air conditioner. A fly–by–night service will slap a band–aid on a problem and call it a day, or perform an installation service that fails to address any of the countless little details that ensure efficient service. But with the right team on your side, you can make sure your AC is ready to face our brutal summers and that your home stays cool. Western Heating & Cooling is the right team!

We’re Proud to Offer Quality AC Repair

A sudden AC breakdown is no fun, especially with the thermometer climbing, and quality AC repair is necessary to keep your home protected against the heat and humidity that comes with our summers. Look to our trained team to perform quality AC repairs, conducted with the speed you expect and the effectiveness necessary to keep the problem from resurfacing again!

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Very informative

Russ had a lot of knowledge and answere3d my questions clearly. Thank you Russ for your giving my family piece of mind.

Alex B.

Alex B.

Ptu Ductless Hp

Near Siercks Rd, Scappoose, OR 97056
Russ W.

Russ W.

Near Columbia River Hwy, Scappoose, OR 97056

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