Common Signs of Heating Problems

Portland, OR is expected to suffer record cold temperatures this winter, which means that you need your heating system to work every day without fail. When trouble arises, it can turn your home into an icebox very quickly, and when it comes to your heating system, do-it-yourself efforts simply won’t work. The moment you spot the signs of a heating problem in your system, you should turn it off and summon a repair technician immediately. What kind of signs? Generally speaking, anything that doesn’t match the normal functioning of the heater should be a cause for concern.

More specifically, look for the following symptoms:

  • Strange noises. This includes hums, whirs, rattles, moans or shakes: anything that doesn’t match the heater’s normal noises. In most cases, the noise will stop and start with the starting and the stopping of the furnace.
  • Low heat levels. Clogged burners, breached ducts and similar issues can lower the levels of heat the furnace puts out. Your monthly costs will go up and the strain could damage other parts of the system.
  • Low air flow. The air may be nice and hot, but if it doesn’t flow from the vents swiftly enough, it will similarly lower the efficiency of the heater. Even worse, if heated air is trapped in the furnace, it may cause other components to overheat and automatically shut the system down.
  • High bills. A problem with the heater doesn’t necessarily need to show an obvious symptom. But when individual components run into trouble, they could force the heater as a whole to work harder than it should, raising your monthly bills in the process. An unexpected spike in your heating costs could mean a repair issue lingering.

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