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Schedule an Air Conditioning Tune-Up Before Summer

air-c opnditioning-ac-tuneupSummer is right around the corner. School is nearly out and the kids are ready to spend their days sleeping in and playing outdoors with friends rather than waking up early and doing homework.

With summer comes heat and the need for an air conditioning system you can rely on. If you’re like most folks, you haven’t used your air conditioner much since the snow started falling and the wind began to howl. If that’s true, you would do well to consider a tune-up for your home’s AC system.

Let Us Help You Get Ready for Summer

Not only do you need someone to check your AC for you, but it’s best to have a professional tidy up things and take care of any details in your ducts prior to the heavy usage season. Let the expert team at Western Heating and Cooling fine-tune your AC for optimal cooling!

A Tune-Up? Like My Car?

Yes, your air conditioning needs a tune-up exactly like your car, but with different parts and different functions.

After a while, all mechanical systems and products with multiple pieces involved need regular maintenance to ensure they are running in top condition. Many auto shops have a 5-, 10-, or 80-point checks they run to make sure all the critical systems and functions on your car are in order, and your air conditioning system is far less different than you would expect. Not only do all pieces need to be working properly, but they need to be working in conjunction with each other to get your home cooled as efficiently as possible.

What Does an AC Tune-Up Look Like?

A tune-up for your home’s air conditioning system can take numerous forms. Generally, it will include an overall diagnostic of the system, as well as a once-over to identify any glaring problems that need to be addressed immediately.

Following those initial steps, a cleaning is often on the list. The longer gunk and grime are allowed to build up throughout the system, the more likely it will stop working properly. After the cleaning, your air conditioning system will often go through a more in-depth analysis and fix, which often includes using cameras to check the hard-to-see spots and a check of the critical pieces.

Our team recommends normal maintenance like a tune-up because it will not only make each next appointment easier, but regular checks will help identify any glaring problems before they get out of hand.

Get Your Tune-Up Done Before the Heat Hits!

As the summer approaches, the last thing you and your family want to face is a broken air conditioning system in the dead of July on a day with no breeze and no cloud cover. The team at Western Heating and Air wants to ensure you and your household avoid this at all cost, which is why an air conditioning tune-up before the big summer months can make a huge difference.

Give us a call to set up your air conditioning tune-up in Newberg, OR and allow our professionals to take care of your home.

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