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How You Can Benefit From an Air Scrubber

happy-family-with-dog-bright-white-backgroundSince we live in a metropolitan city here in Portland, you might be concerned with the air quality outdoors. But you should pay attention to your indoor air quality as well. You realize the pollution that you’re susceptible to outdoors, but these pollutants don’t just stop at your threshold. Poor indoor air quality can dramatically affect your health and overall comfort. It’s more important than ever to concern yourself with the quality of your home’s air now that temperatures are cooling off and we’re spending more time at home. If you’re looking to install an air scrubber in Portland, OR then our team at Western Heating & Cooling can help.

What Is an Air Scrubber?

You might have heard of other air purification systems but not an air scrubber. An air scrubber is an extremely effective method of cleaning the air in your home. This type of unit draws contaminated air into the system and sends purified air out into your home. Other types of air purification systems only target one type of contaminant while air scrubbers target odors, particles, and contaminants in your air supply. An air scrubber is one of the most efficient ways to purify the air in your home.

Why Do You Need an Air Scrubber?

As temperatures cool down this fall, you’re bound to spend more time indoors, don’t let your indoor air quality become a deterrent to your home’s comfort. Cold weather means lower humidity levels and dry air means your body is more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. This is because dry air dehydrates the membranes in your sinuses to the point of cracking, these open areas are an easy target for contaminants. An air purifier combats airborne bacteria before it becomes a problem for your immune system.

Make sure you can snuggle up with your furry companions when you’re spending more time inside from the cold outdoors. Poor indoor air quality often exacerbates allergy conditions. An air scrubber removes pesky pet dander from the air, so your time spend with your pets won’t be plagued with wheezing, coughing, and sneezing. An air scrubber improves the quality of your home’s air drastically.

If you get an air scrubber for your home, the system is installed directly into your existing HVAC system for optimal purification. This process eliminates dust and pathogens at the source, greatly increasing the quality of your indoor air supply. These types of contaminants cause problems for your HVAC system. When you install an air scrubber, you’ll ease the strain of your air conditioner which lowers your bills and extends the overall lifespan of your system.

Call Western Heating & Cooling for the Job!

The quality of your indoor air isn’t something you should take lightly. Getting informed is the first step to ensuring the health and comfort of your family. When you need a smart and reliable team for all your air purification needs, you need our technicians. We’ve served the Portland Metropolitan area since 1991 and can meet your needs too.

Adding an air scrubber to your Portland home is a wise decision, if you need reliable installation, contact our team today.

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