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Ductless Air Conditioning Services in Portland, OR

When you think of air conditioning systems, you likely think of the classic centralized models, which generate cool air in a single location, then spread it through your home using a system of ducts. It works quite well and residents of Portland have learned to count on that model for cool air in the summertime. But in some cases, that may not be possible, either because your home doesn’t support a ducted system or because centralized air conditioning presents other practical issues.

The solution is a ductless air conditioning system installed by the professionals at Western Heating & Cooling. Instead of one single system feeding air to your home through a series of ducts, it places multiple smaller units throughout your home in specified locations. Each one contains its own thermostat and control panel, allowing you to cool different parts of your home separately. If this sounds like a good fit for your home, call us today. We specialize in installation, maintenance and repair of ductless air conditioning systems!

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What are the Benefits of Installing a Ductless Cooling System?

Ductless systems can cost a little more to install, which is why you should trust a professional to do the job properly. But they offer a number of benefits. In the first place, they allow homes that can’t support a system of ducts to enjoy the benefits of full air conditioning. In addition, they let you tailor the temperature in each room of your Portland, OR house to match the preferences of the occupants. Finally and perhaps most importantly, they allow you to only cool those parts of the home that are in use, lowering your energy usage and attendant monthly bills accordingly.

Handle Repairs with the Right Service

Ductless systems benefit by using multiple units, since the chances of all of them suffering a breakdown are very low. Instead, when one unit breaks down, you can simply call upon the services of Western Heating & Cooling to fix it and spend the interim in other parts of the home. But that still means you need a reliable repair service to ensure the unit is fixed the way it needs to be. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and our technicians are dedicated to fixing your problem right the first time, every time. If one of your ductless air conditioning units is on the fritz, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Professional Ductless AC Maintenance Improves Efficiency

Repairs are always a possibility, but the best way to solve them is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Like centralized air conditioners, ductless air conditioning systems benefit from routine maintenance, allowing them to be serviced and cleaned at least once a year and ideally twice. Not only will it allow the technician to spot early signs of a repair problem – allowing you to address them with a formal repair session scheduled at your leisure – but by addressing all of the little things like dirty components and loose bolts, it helps your system perform more efficiently and save you money on monthly bills. In Portland, OR, you can count on Western Heating & Cooling for quality ductless air conditioning maintenance!

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