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At Western Heating & Cooling, our team is dedicated to making your day more comfortable. When your AC system is acting up, turn to us for fast, reliable air conditioning repair in Portland. Our NATE-certified technicians have come across and resolved every kind of AC problem under the sun and are equipped with the tools and technology to get your system up and running in no time at all.

Contact us online or call (503) 303-0771 to schedule fast, affordable & effective air conditioning repair in Portland or nearby communities today!

What Are Signs You Need AC Repair?

As the homeowner, you can usually tell when your air conditioning system isn’t working as it should be. Many times, we get calls for air conditioning repair help when the system is still operational.

However, just because your system is running doesn’t mean it won’t need repair. Ignoring signs and signals that your AC needs some help can end up costing you a lot more than getting help as soon as you detect a problem. Repair issues do not take care of themselves and typically get worse over time.

This is why we offer comprehensive repair services, including emergency service, whenever you need it. Don’t wait for your system to fully breakdown before calling us – let our Portland AC repair technicians help you at the first sign of an issue with your AC.

Signs you may need AC repair in Portland include:

  • Poor performance: If your AC is taking too long to cool or simply not cooling then get in touch with our AC repair experts.
  • Strange noises: All AC units make a little bit of noise and you should know what yours sounds like by now. If you notice and abrupt changes to the noise level of your unit give us a call.
  • Odd odors: If you have strange smells coming from your air vents it could either be your AC or your ducts. A burning smell means something is wrong with your AC and it should be inspected by a trained professional.
  • High utility bills: If your AC is operating at less than 100% it could need more electricity to achieve the same level of output which will cost you each and every month.
  • Excess humidity: One of the jobs of your AC is to regulate the humidity so if you're sweating in your own home because it's so humid then let us know.

What Are Common Causes of AC Problems

We rely pretty heavily on our air conditioners, which means they experience plenty of wear and tear. If your air conditioner is acting up, chances are certain components of your system have become damaged or broken.

Some of the most common causes of AC problems include:

  • Broken thermostats
  • Clogged air filters
  • Loose wiring connections
  • Broken fan motors
  • Clogged drainage systems
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Blown capacitors
  • Clogged condenser coils
  • Broken fan blades
  • Lack of AC maintenance
  • Damaged ductwork

No matter the cause of your issue, you can trust that our skilled repair technicians will get to the bottom of it right away. Thanks to our decades of service experience, we can repair any air conditioner problem quickly and effectively.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

If your air conditioner is leaking water, there are several potential reasons for this issue.

Some common causes include:

  • Clogged condensate drain line
  • Dirty or clogged air filter
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Improper installation
  • Damaged or blocked drain pan
  • High humidity levels
  • Air leaks
  • Oversized air conditioner

Why Choose Western Heating & Cooling?

When it comes to taking your comfort seriously, no one does it quite like Western Heating & Cooling. When you come to our Portland AC repair experts, you can count on us to carefully inspect your entire system, locate the exact cause of the problem, explain your options to you, and implement the best possible solution.

And, because certain problems cannot wait until the next business day to be addressed, our team offers 24/7 emergency services. No matter the time of day or night, our team is on call and ready to provide you with the quality care you deserve.

For 24/7 assistance, call (503) 303-0771. We look forward to serving you!

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  • “I would use this company for my future furnace needs. They are fast, efficient, and professional.”

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  • “Great experience. Probably the most knowledgeable technician I have ever had out to service my furnace.”

  • “Fast, professional service!!!”

  • “Excellent service! Highly recommended!”

    Craig J.
  • “I was very happy with the work and the people. They really made you feel comfortable which is important since they have to be in the house for a few hours to do all the install.”

    Jaben C.
  • “You can tell Russ he knows his business and I have no problem supporting local family owned businesses.”

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  • “I can't say enough great things about this company and their people. I would recommend them to everyone!”

    Traci N.
  • “He spent plenty of time helping me with my issue, was extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful.”

  • “Diligent and knowledgeable”

    Laura M.
  • “Great customer service overall from the office and from the technicians. Highly recommend them and will be using them for all of our heating and cooling needs!”

    Casey C.

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