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Portland Air Filter Installation & Cleaning

The Fresh, Clean Air You Want for Your Home

Indoor air is just as important to your Portland home as temperature control, and keeping your home free of dust, dirt and other contaminants can make a huge difference. Most heating and air conditioning systems are equipped with existing filters, but they’re intended to filter out large particles that may obstruct the operation of the HVAC unit itself. You can improve matters by installing a higher end filter, or even having a new filtration system installed, but to do that, you need to hire the right professional service.

Enter Western Heating & Cooling. With a proven track record of quality and dedication to performing installation and repair functions the right way every time, we can help you determine the exact kind of air filter that will suit your needs, then install and service it with the confidence that comes from years on the job.

If you or your family would like fewer contaminants in your home, then give us a call today at (503) 303-0771! Rely on Western Heating & Cooling for air filter installation and repair services in Portland.

Installing New Air Filters Means Having the Right Service

Regardless of what kind of air filters you install, you need to make sure they fit properly within your existing HVAC system. That means a company that understands all aspects of air conditioning: not just the manuals, but to the practical experience of installing and repairing such systems. It continues when the use of high-quality components: bolts, screws, seals, and fittings that won’t wear out after a few short months. And it means a guarantee that your new air filters are going to function exactly the way you need them every time. Here in Portland, OR, the experts at Western Heating & Cooling can provide all of those things and more!

Filters Need Replacing & Cleaning

Once you have an air filter installed, you need to have it replaced or cleans quite often. This is an easy job that you can take care of yourself, but it can’t be neglected. If too much dust and dirt build up in the filter, it will cease doing its job effectively, and might even block the flow of air through your system (which can create all kinds of problems). If you’re concerned about it, then schedule a regular maintenance session for your HVAC system with the pros at Western Heating & Cooling. We’ll make sure your filters are cleaned and replaced properly!

Trust Western Heating & Cooling To Repair Damaged Filters

Air filters tend to be fairly durable, but they can still suffer damage. Our weather is always unpredictable, and animals such as raccoons and squirrels can damage them as well. And like all systems, air filters will eventually age, causing them to loosen in their housings or even develop tears. When that happens, count on the Portland air quality pros at Western Heating & Cooling to make things right. We can get your damaged air filters repaired or replaced in a hurry and make sure the damage doesn’t affect your home unduly. It all starts with a simple phone call.

We’re standing by to help you, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for a Portland air filter service! We can be reached at (503) 303-0771.

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