Commercial HVAC Services Differ from Residential Services

If you own a business or manage an office space in the area, you’ll need to make sure your HVAC system is always working as intended. We get hot muggy summers every year here, and while the weather is finally cooling for the winter, it’s going to get very cold before the year is up. That can impact your commercial HVAC system just like it can a residential system, and the implications can be much more serious. When you need services performed on your commercial system — whether it’s a repair job, a maintenance session or a full-bore replacement — you want to make sure the company you hire offers specific commercial HVAC services. How do such services differ from residential services? Here’s a quick checklist:


Commercial HVAC systems operate according to the same basic principles as residential systems, but there all similarities end. Many commercial units are modular, consisting of multiple units (often placed on the roof) which can be added or removed as the needs of the building chance. In addition, most commercial units have to heat or cool a much larger space, which means both more power and a more complex distribution of heated or cooled air. (Hot air rises, which means the upper stories in most office buildings need more cooling power and less heating power than the lower floors).  Commercial spaces may have very specific heating and cooling needs too: computers, for example, need to be kept cool lest they overheat, and storage for products and supplies may have specific temperature needs as well. That often means very different system specifics, and specialized knowledge of commercial systems required to fix or install them.


While no one wants to deal with a hot or cold house when a residential HVAC system runs into trouble, it can be done.Commercial properties rarely have that luxury. A broken system can damage key components such as stored product or computer systems, which can potentially cripple your business. Furthermore, a hot or cold environment will drive potential customers away — or at least leave them with unpleasant connotations — as well as forcing employees to work in unpleasant conditions, or sending them home. The loss of productivity for even a few hours can be a huge blow to your company, which is why any commercial HVAC service needs to move fast.

In particular, look for companies that offer 24-hour emergency services. That means they can deal with issues during off-hours when they spring up and get your system up and running again fast. More importantly, it means they can work around your employees without getting in the way: ensuring that the work gets done without slowing your team down and you can focus on keeping your business running while the commercial HVAC system has its issues treated professionally.

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