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Zone Control System Services in Portland, OR

Wouldn’t it be nice to control the heating and cooling in your home by the area instead of through a single thermostat that manages the comfort for your entire home? You can do just that with a zone control system installed by the experts from Western Heating & Cooling. With a zone control system, you’ll be able to customize your comfort per zone, and even turn off heating or cooling to one area while continuing to use another. It is critical to hire experts for the installation and ongoing care of your zone control system, and that’s where our pros come in. With three decades’ worth of experience at hand, our pros will make sure your zone control system in Portland, OR delivers all the control you need over your heating and cooling.

Want to get “in the zone” with a zone control system? Call Western Heating & Cooling today!

Why a Zone Control System Is Effective

You may be wondering how a zone control can offer the customized heating and cooling it does, as well as some other benefits. The key to the system is where it is installed: in your supply–side ductwork. Once you and your Western Heating & Cooling technician determine what the zones of your home will be, motorized dampers are installed into the supply side of your home’s ductwork. These dampers are wired to a main control panel along with the thermostats from each zone. The main control panel tells the dampers when to open and close according to the temperatures set on each thermostat.

This is effective for several reasons. The first is the ability to fully customize your heating and cooling, but that’s not all. You’ll also reduce the amount of heating and cooling you use, saving energy, and you’ll also reduce the amount of stress on your HVAC system because it won’t need to work as hard. These kinds of benefits make it worth your while to see if a zone control system is a good fit for your home in Portland.

Types of Repairs You May See with a Zone Control System

If you have concerns about the kinds of repairs you may see with a zone control system, here are some of the more common ones our Western Heating & Cooling technicians are called about:

  • Problems with the main control panel – the main control panel is the conduit between the zones and the dampers. It is very electrical in nature, so the problems that develop tend to be with the wiring. Wires can corrode and fray, or simply become disconnected. Your Western Heating & Cooling expert will know how to repair any issue with your main control panel.
  • Stuck dampers – the most common problem we see with the dampers is a damper that develops a stuck door. This can be the result of a few things, but because the damper is located inside your ductwork system, it is very important that only a trained expert handle any issues with your motorized dampers.
  • Thermostat issues – the thermostats in each zone can develop issues just as a single household thermostat can. Common problems may be dirty or dusty instrumentation affecting operation, problems with wiring or the loss of battery life.

When you need help with a zone control system, including installation, repair, maintenance and replacement, call the experts you can count on: Western Heating & Cooling.

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