Don’t Hesitate When It Comes to Heating Repair

Our heating systems usually kick into gear sometime in the fall, and heater use steadily increases as temperatures drop and we move towards winter. Amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be easy to overlook potential problems with our heating system. We all have pressing concerns with work and family, and problems with your heating system rarely result in a shutdown immediately (though that happens too). But just because the heater seems to be running doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem, and if there is, you need to get it treated as quickly as possible.


In most cases, a problem with your heater will give signs or symptoms well before the system itself shuts down. Anything that doesn’t correspond to your heater’s regular function can be suspect. (And you should never try to formally diagnose the issue, you should only notice that there is something wrong, then shut down the system and call for repairs.) Some of the most common signs of a problem can include:

  • Strange Noises, which means any sound you don’t associate with the normal functioning of your system. In most cases, they will start and stop with the starting and stopping of the heater.
  • Low Airflow. If there’s a blockage in the ducts or a problem with the fan, the airflow will drop seriously. This is a problem because it forces the heater to work harder to do its job. It also keeps the hot air trapped in the system, which can further damage components.
  • Low Heat Levels. You can probably guess that cold air represents a problem. But the same holds true for air that is warm, just not as warm as you were expecting. Like low airflow, this problem puts unnecessary strain on your heater as long as it runs.
  • Higher Bills. Sometimes, it isn’t a specific symptom with the heater itself, but simply the fact that it’s spending too much energy to do its job. That can be spotted by an unexpected spike in your monthly bills.


The most obvious reason for dealing with a problem now is that it prevents that problem from spreading. The longer you run the heater without addressing a significant issue, the worse the issue will get and the more expensive the cost when you finally get it repaired. Dealing with the issue quickly also means you’ll be able to schedule the repair session at a convenient point in your busy schedule. Contrast that with waiting for a breakdown, which could happen just when you need the heater the most and will likely prompt a mad scramble to get a repair service in place.

But the best reason to deal with a potential repair issue now is that we haven’t yet hit winter, a time when you’ll likely need your heater to function every day. Taking care of the problem now means you won’t have to worry about it when the weather gets really cold and you can properly enjoy a reliable heating system.

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