3 Things to Look for in an HVAC Contractor

Building projects usually wait until spring to begin, when milder weather presents fewer problems, and the construction can take place without delays. But now is the time when new projects are being assembled, and if you are engaging in new construction, you want an experienced HVAC contractor on your side.

Heating and air conditioning are essential parts of any building and an experienced contractor on your side means that a new HVAC system can be installed with minimal fuss and difficulty. But what should you look for in a quality HVAC contractor? Beyond a reliable track record and affiliations from quality companies like Mitsubishi, here are three specific qualities that merit mention.


Some HVAC contractors follow their own agenda: pushing a particular system regardless of whether it’s right for the building, for instance, or offering swift installation without factoring in the necessary quality. A good HVAC contractor will dedicate themselves to the job first and foremost: determining the right HVAC system for the building instead of their bottom line, and working with your team to ensure that it matches the required specifications. That can sometimes mean making compromises with other members of your team to get around certain practical obstacles. Professionals keep their eye on the final project every time.


Delays sometimes happen during construction and you can’t always plan for everything. But a quality contracting service will prepare all of the costs upfront and will present them to you before the project begins. That doesn’t mean simply listing a price the first time you speak to them on the phone. They should present a final estimate to you only once plans are completed and they’ve had ample opportunity to study both the site and the specific project in question. Once they deliver that estimate, they stick to it, ensuring that you don’t get any nasty “additional costs” midway through the project. (It goes without saying that the estimate should be presented to you in written form, and notarized if necessary.)


Contractor work sometimes involves getting the most out of the least and contractors will put in reduced bids in an effort to land a given project. But just because a given company is offering drastically reduced prices doesn’t mean that their work is what you need. Inexpensive parts can wear out more quickly while inexpensive labor means skipping or glossing over important steps in the construction process. That could lead to an HVAC system that doesn’t function the way it should: raising costs on the building and preventing it from ever really being comfortable. It also means that the system will be vulnerable to repairs sooner than it should, and may even need to be replaced before its time: raising subsequent costs considerably. Look for a company with a commitment to quality over savings, and don’t be afraid to go with a slightly pricier option that can deliver the reliable HVAC system you need.

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