How Do Modular Systems Benefit Commercial Air Conditioning?

In the world of HVAC, modular air conditioning is about as straightforward as it gets. It’s only one unit, and it both heats and cools. If you need more power, you just get another one. Simple and easy.

Your typical air conditioning system is a little less convenient for commercial buildings. It’s installed in two parts, as an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, and upgrades require complete replacements. Not so easy.

There are several reasons why modular air conditioning remains the best choice for commercial air conditioning in Lake Oswego, OR, and we’ll explain them here.


Let’s say you just began your business in a small building. You can start with one modular unit to satisfy most of your needs at an affordable rate, maybe even opting only to cool certain rooms instead of all of them. Then, down the line, you start expanding and filling up the building with more employees. Now you need more power.

Instead of upgrading to a brand-new system, you simply buy another modular unit. An HVAC technician will connect it like a Lego brick, maybe expand the ductwork if necessary, and you’re good to go. Need to downsize? Simply have the additional unit disconnected.


Packaged ACs use heat pump technology. This means they can both heat and cool the interior space, making them excellent investments all year round. They operate on electricity for both functions, letting you skip the need for a furnace. You also won’t have to worry about the costs or space needed for two different climate control systems.


Joining two units into one is already a big benefit to saving space. Even better, these units are commonly put on the rooftop. They’re sometimes called “rooftop units” because of this.

When on the roof, the AC stays out of sight and out of mind. Not only does this help your business cosmetically (by removing the sore thumb from everyone’s view), it also helps protect the unit.

In residential AC, the unit is protected in the backyard or on the side of the home, located inside the homeowner’s property. With commercial spaces, you don’t always get that security on the ground level. Having it on the roof keeps it away from anyone or anything that can accidentally (or even purposely) damage the unit.


Since all the components are in one package, and because there aren’t separate heating and cooling units to worry about, there won’t be many surprises when it comes to maintenance.

When the technician arrives, most of his work will be done on the rooftop. You and your employees and customers won’t have to be distracted by the noise or sight of AC repairs going on in the background.

It’s worth mentioning that heat pumps do demand more maintenance, but that’s only to be expected since the unit operates all year round.

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