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Does Your Home Need an Air Purifier?

pleated-air-filterIt all depends: how much do you like sneezing? All joking aside, the air in the average home can be absolutely full of allergens and many pollutants, even if the house is spic and span. Luckily, there’s an easy fix that can improve the air in your house practically overnight: the simple and affordable air purifier. Below, we will discuss some of the wonderful benefits of air purifiers and how they can improve both your health and your life!

Considering the Benefits of an Air Purifier?

Are you on the fence about getting an air purifier? Not sure if the juice is worth the squeeze? We’ve done quite a bit of research on the topic, and we can hopefully guide you to the right solution that fits your budget, your home, and your lungs.

Reduce Air Pollution in the Home

Did you know that, according to the EPA, indoor air pollution is in the top five environmental health risks? While airing out your home can help, the fact is, it’s not always an option. Opening your windows and doors can be a great way to catch a breeze, but when the weather isn’t cooperating it’s also a fantastic way to catch a cold in the winter (or, conversely, melt in the summer).

A properly maintained air conditioner and an air purifier can do wonders for your home’s air quality, reducing both the gaseous pollutants created by cleaning products and furniture polish, and the particulate pollutants like bacteria, skin cells, and dust mites.

Take the Fight to Your Allergies

Suffering from inflamed sinuses and a chronic shortage of tissues? It may be time to launch a full-on battle against the allergens in your home. An air purifier can help with those pesky allergies by filtering and ionizing the air in your home. The ionization chamber collects dirt and other particulates and makes them stick to the walls inside the air purifier, instead of sticking to the walls of your home (or inside your lungs).

Lower the Chance of Mold in Your Home

Because air purifiers collect the worst of the pollutants, they work great for mold prevention. According to the CDC, mold can be the cause of everything from skin irritation to coughing, lung diseases, and increased asthma symptoms. Not only is mold inconvenient, it could be potentially harmful, and certainly expensive to remove. An air purifier can be a great pre-emptive step to take before mold even becomes an issue, especially in wetter climates.

Grab an Air Purifier and Keep It Serviced and Safe

An air purifier can be a great addition to your home. But remember to keep it clean and serviced in order to get the most out of your purchase and your air supply. Not only will a clean air purifier improve your breathing, it’ll lower how often you need to change the filters on your HVAC system. It’s a win-win for your body and your peace of mind.

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