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Air Purifiers in Portland, OR

Most air conditioning and heating systems come with a basic air filter to help screen out dust and dirt. But they aren’t always enough, especially if you have family members with sensitive lungs, a newborn infant or the elderly in your home. Portland, OR has a fair amount of contaminants in the air, from dust and dirt to pollen in the springtime. Keeping them from affecting your indoor air quality can be quite a task.

That’s why we recommend electronic air filters for that extra touch of protection for your home. Instead of merely straining the air through a screen, they ionize it and remove it from the airflow entirely. A strong installation with Western Heating & Cooling can start that process properly, as will regular maintenance and repairs throughout the system’s life. You can count on us to do the job right, so get in touch today!

Rely on Western Heating & Cooling for quality air purifier services in Portland, OR.

Installing an Air Purifier Puts Dirt on the Run

With quality installation, a new air purifier can be a huge boon to your Portland home. Instead of a filter, it uses an ionization chamber that the air in your home passes through while your heater or air conditioning system is running. Once ionized, the particles of dirt will stick to the walls of a collection chamber, no matter how small they may be or what they might be composed of. As your system runs, it pulls the dirt out of the air systematically, leaving it feeling fresher and cleaner than ever before. Contact Western Heating & Cooling today to discuss the details and see how an air purifier can help your home!

Make Sure to Get Yours Serviced

Installation isn’t enough with air purifiers. That collection plate is bound to fill up, and while you can usually empty it yourself, it can be a chore to remember. That’s why a maintenance session from Western Heating & Cooling makes a lot of sense. Not only can we empty out the collection chamber, but we can examine the remainder of your system for any potential damage, worn parts and the like. Fixing those issues makes your air filter – and the rest of your HVAC system – run at its most efficient, and if formal repairs are needed, you can get a jump on them before they create a problem.

Repairs Need to Be Swift

If an electronic air filter breaks down, it can do more than simply lower the quality of your indoor air. Pollen and other debris can get into your home, resulting in mold growth and other problems as well as exacerbated allergies and other issues. Furthermore, the dust can coat your heater and/or air conditioning system, increasing the friction of moving parts and leading to problems with the coils. Over time, it could even result in a breakdown. If your air purifier isn’t functioning the way it needs to, call Western Heating & Cooling every time to get it repaired the right way. Our trained staff is dedicated to your complete satisfaction!

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