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Attic and Bath Fans in Portland, OR

Indoor air quality can take many forms, and one of the most overlooked is attic and bath fans to help vent and circulate your air. They might not sound like much, but when installed and maintained properly, they can make a huge difference in your home. Bath fans are usually installed in bathrooms with no windows – very common here in Portland, OR homes – in order to vent the moisture and prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. Attic fans help swap the hot air that collects in your attic with cooler outside air, easing the strain on your air conditioner and helping your home become more energy efficient.

In both cases, you need a quality installation and repair service to take care of them. At Western Heating & Cooling, we have considerable experience with attic and bath fans, and can advise you on the right model for your home, as well as providing high quality installation, maintenance and repair services. Give us a call today to get the process started!

Contact Western Heating & Cooling for superior attic and bath fan service in Portland, OR.

Attic Fans Improve Energy Efficiency

With your air conditioner working overtime in the summer and your heater doing similar hard work to keep our Portland, OR winters at bay, you need all the energy efficiency you can muster. An attic fan is an ideal way to do that at minimal cost to you. Hot air rises to gather in your attic, and if it’s not addressed it can form a drag in your HVAC system. An attic fan helps it ventilate safely, which pulls cooler air in from outside your home. That avoids the stuffy, stagnant feeling your home can have without proper ventilation, while giving your air conditioner a break in the process!

Bathroom Fans Are More Than a Luxury

For obvious reasons, most bathrooms in the Portland area don’t have any windows. It’s great for privacy, but without proper ventilation, it can lead to the growth of mold, bacteria and other unwelcome intruders. That’s why you need to have a bath fan installed and properly maintained in all of your bathrooms. Not only can they help with naturally occurring odor problems, but also they will keep your bathroom clean and hygienic, and make cleaning chores much easier. If you have a bathroom that lacks a fan or one of your existing fans isn’t working properly, call Western Heating & Cooling to deal with the issue right away!

Trust Western Heating & Cooling to Handle All Aspects of Bathroom and Attic Fans

Whether you need a new one installed or an old one fixed, whether your fan is actively broken or you’re just thinking about upgrading it to a new one, you need a team with the skills and experience to handle the job the right way. At Western Heating & Cooling, we handle every aspect of attic and bath fans, starting with basic installation and continuing through repair, regular maintenance and ultimate replacement when it finally runs its course. Bath and attic fans have a huge impact on your indoor air quality and overall comfort levels. You should trust the best in the business with their installation and care!

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