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Air Conditioning, Heating, & Water Heater Services in Gresham, OR

Looking for an air conditioning repair or furnace repair specialist in Gresham, OR? As a homeowner, you know that your HVAC system is in high demand all year round – cooling your home in the summer and heating it in the winter. The moment your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, or other system runs into trouble, your entire home can be thrown into disarray.

Whenever you need proper HVAC services – whether it’s repairs, full installations, replacement or just a little maintenance– the pros at Western Heating & Cooling are ready to go. Schedule a service online or contact us today; we serve the whole of the Gresham area!


We often fixate on heating systems for our homes since our winters here in Oregon are very cold. But our summers are no picnic either, with blazing temperatures and high humidity turning our homes into a swamp. A quality air conditioning system is as important as electricity or running water to your home, which is why you should rely on trained professionals like those at Western Heating & Cooling for first–rate AC installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services in the Gresham, OR area.


A smart homeowner will watch for signs that the air conditioner isn’t working the way it should and be ready to call a repair service when it does. Symptoms can include:

  • Reduced levels of air flow through the vents
  • Reduced cooling levels in the air itself
  • Strange noises from the air conditioner or the vents
  • Higher bills than expected

Look for Signs You Need Home Heating Services

You should never attempt to diagnose a problem with your Gresham heating system, and you certainly shouldn’t attempt repairs yourself. You can, however, spot the signs that something is wrong by looking for general symptoms. Such symptoms can include:

  • Strange noises coming from the heater or the ducts
  • A lack of overall heating power
  • A lack of airflow from the vents
  • Higher bills than you might expect

If you spot these symptoms, shut the system off and call Western Heating & Cooling to get the problem fixed.

We Offer Heating Repair on a Number of Different Models

Not every heating system is the same, and different makes and models have different specifics to their operating system. That comes on top of variants on traditional gas furnaces such as ductless mini–split systems and heat pumps or dual heat systems. We have the skills to handle them all, and can provide prompt repair work no matter what your issue!

Get a New Gas Furnace Installed Today                         

If your existing gas furnace is past its warranty and the cost of running it has just become too great–either because monthly bills are eating you alive, or because you are facing a repair bill that is more than the system is worth–then you want a company like ours on your side. Western Heating & Cooling can direct you through all of the options for a replacement furnace, then get it installed and the old one taken away without a fuss! The second you realize you need any type of furnace service, give us a call immediately!

Signs You Need Gas Furnace Repair and Replacement

While you should never diagnose a problem with your heating system, a few common symptoms can alert you to a need for gas furnace replacement or repair. They include anything out of the ordinary: odd noises lowered heating levels or even just higher bills. When you spot these signs, turn the system off and call in a service to conduct repairs.

Electric Furnaces Are an Inexpensive Option

Installing a new heating system can be expensive, and the added cost of a gas furnace can be more than you’re prepared to handle, especially if the installation includes adding gas piping to your home. An electric furnace makes a viable alternative option if you don’t want to pay as much for a new furnace up front. It costs less and the ease of use provides a number of advantages over gas furnaces, especially if your home is in the country.

We Have the Skills for Electric Furnace Repair & Replacement

Electric furnace replacement and repair often involves a much different set of skills than gas furnace replacement and repair. If your furnace needs to be fixed or it’s reached the end of its lifespan, you need a team with experience in electric furnace servicing to make sure the old system is fixed or a new one is put into place.

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