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Air Conditioning and Furnace Services in St. Helens, OR

If you have survived a summer in St. Helens, OR, you know how important a reliable air conditioner can be. The same holds true for your furnace in the winter, which (in most homes) uses the same system of ducts as the air conditioner to warm your family. Both systems need regular care and occasional repairs to do their jobs.

Western Heating & Cooling has the experts you need to keep your air conditioner and furnace running the way they should in the St. Helens area. Our team also performs installation and replacement on a wide variety of units. Call us today!

Count on Our Reliable Team for Home Heating Services

A good heating service relies on two things: moving quickly to fix a problem and making sure that the problem stays fixed. You can’t waste time in the middle of a cold spell here in St. Helens, OR, but getting a broken heating system fixed needs to take place with care and attention to every detail. The combination of speed and effectiveness can be hard to find, which is why we pride ourselves on our promptness and quality at Western Heating & Cooling.

Heating Repair Services Rely on Steady Customers

The best way to stay in the heating repair business is to build up a list of satisfied customers: people who trust you and call you first when their system runs into problems. That means providing reliable service every time we go out, so that our customers know that the repair takes place the right way and the problem remains fixed.

Trust the Safety Features of Gas Furnaces

If you turn on your gas furnace and nothing happens, don’t panic. If the breaker hasn’t been triggered and the thermostat settings remain unchanged, chances are the system shut down in response to a safety issue such as a gas leak. It alerts you to the problem and allows you to call in a repair service without running a risk to your home. Turn off the system, even if it’s not running already, and call Western Heating & Cooling to get the issue addressed.

Gas Furnace Repair and Replacement Services Go Hand in Hand

No one likes to think about a worst–case scenario when a gas furnace goes down, and that the unit can be fixed instead of needing full–bore replacement. You never know when a given repair will cost more than the unit is worth, however. That’s why it is great to have a trained expert on your side to advise you: on your options.

Electric Furnaces Work Well for Vacation Homes

We live in a beautiful part of the country, and vacation homes or summer homes aren’t at all out of the ordinary. But if your little getaway is off the civic grid, it might not be possible to heat it with a gas furnace. Not to worry. Electric furnaces don’t rely on gas lines; you can connect them to your home’s electrical grid and run them just fine. It’s the perfect solution to a sometimes–tricky problem!

Count on the Right Team for Electric Furnace Repair & Replacement

Because electric furnaces are often found in rural households, it can be quite a feat to get to your place when there’s a problem. But we know how important reliable heating is, and our team is ready to go, no matter where in the area you might be. When you call Western Heating & Cooling for electric furnace repair and replacement, you can rely on us to move quickly!

Watch for the Signs of Air Conditioning Trouble

Hot summers can be handled pretty easily provided you have a reliable air conditioning system. When that system runs into trouble, however, you need to act quickly. Learn to look for any signs that are out of the ordinary, including:

  • Odd noises
  • Reduced levels of cooling
  • Refusal to turn on
  • Lowered air speeds
  • Higher bills than expected

When that happens, don’t continue running the system. Instead, turn it off and summon a qualified repair service as soon as possible.

Go to Us First for AC Repairs

An AC repair call can be an expensive endeavor, and while we strive to offer the most competitive prices in the area, some costs are inevitable. That’s where reliability comes in: the ability to ensure that the repair takes place exactly the way it should and that it stays fixed, despite sometimes being under considerable time pressure.

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