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HVAC Company in Tualatin, OR Specializing in Furnace & AC Repair

Water heaters are an essential part of any home in Tualatin, OR. Without them you wouldn’t have hot water for cooking and cleaning. People often think of air conditioners as more of a luxury than water heaters, but considering the heat and humidity of our summers, they’re no less important to your health and comfort.

They’re both very different systems. Luckily, there’s a single service out there that can handle installation, repairs, maintenance, and replacement for both air conditioning systems and water heaters in the Tualatin area. Call on the trained experts at Western Heating & Cooling today to treat problems of all varieties.

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Count on Our Team for Home Heating Services

When you need a heating system repaired here in Tualatin, OR, you probably need it to happen quickly. Winter nights just get too cold. But you also need to know that those repairs are going to fix the problem effectively–so you don’t have to revisit it in a few weeks. That’s why you can count on the team at Western Heating & Cooling to cover repairs, replacement, and even routine maintenance the right way, so that you need never worry about whether the problem will pop up again!

We Offer Heating Repair Estimates Up Front

Heating repair can be tricky, since you call repair services for their expertise. You want to make sure that the service you call doesn’t take you for a ride and that you understand all of the costs involved up front before you agree to any of the repairs. This way, you know you’re getting the proper service every time!

Look to the Right Team for Gas Furnace Repair

A gas furnace repair job can involve something small, like a loose electrical cable, or something big like a leak in the fuel line. But big or small, you want a reliable team to perform an accurate diagnosis and conduct swift repairs. This is especially true in the winter, when a sudden breakdown can leave your home without heat. Trust our team whenever your gas furnace shows signs of trouble. We’ll get it cleaned up and working again in a flash!

Don’t Rely on Just Anyone for Gas Furnace Repair and Replacement

A number of gas furnace repair companies operate in the area, and most of them can provide adequate repair and replacement service if your home needs it. When it comes to heating in the winter, however, "adequate" just isn’t good enough. Our trained team comes with experience and skill, and we won’t rest until your problem is addressed the right way.

Count on Our Team for Electric Furnace Services In Tualatin, OR

An electric furnace runs on heated coils, powered by electricity from your home’s electrical grid to heat the living space. That makes it a great option for homes that sit away from civic gas lines or for homes that don’t yet have such lines in place. At the same time, it means you need an electric furnace service technician that understands the specifics of electric furnaces to handle installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services. Our trained team at Western Heating & Cooling  has the skills you need.

Fix or Replace? How to Determine Electric Furnace Repair and Replacement

If your electric furnace is still under warranty, most problems should be taken care of with a repair call instead of a replacement. If the warranty has expired, however, and the system is either costing too much to run month to month or looking at repairs that will cost more than you want to spend, look into getting it replaced.

Get Professional Help for Your Air Conditioning System

We have plenty of do–it–yourselfers who enjoy working on their homes in the area. When it comes to air conditioning, however, trouble should always be left to the experts. AC units are complicated pieces of equipment and often rely on components such as refrigerant which can be toxic. It takes proper training and formal licensing to handle repairs to an air conditioner properly, which is why you should call in experts like those at Western Heating & Cooling whenever there’s a problem instead of trying to correct the issue yourself.

You Know Who to Call for AC Repair

In its own way, an AC repair service is as important as your doctor or auto mechanic. Summers are quite hot in our area and without a properly functioning air conditioner, your home could rapidly feel like an oven. That’s why our team is ready to go when you are and has the skills to properly handle any AC issue.

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