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If you think of a water heater, you are probably going to mentally picture a tank water heater. That’s because tank water heaters have been the most popular water heater type for decades, and for good reason. They provide a great many advantages to the homeowners that make use of them and are widely available across the country. Western Heating & Cooling offers a full range of tank water heater services throughout Portland. If you need a tank water heater installed, maintained, repaired or replaced, we’re here for you.

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How Tank Water Heaters Work

Tank water heaters use large storage tanks, varying in size between a few gallons to over 100, to keep water stored and heated at all times. A tank water heater works ceaselessly, day and night, to keep the tank heated in case hot water is called for. They tend to operate either using a natural gas burner assembly or a large electric heating coil, much the same way that furnaces do. The water line connects at the top of the tank, and a dip tube vents all new water into the bottom of the tank where it is heated as quickly as possible.

Advantages of Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters have a number of advantages over other water heater types. For one thing, there is virtually no delay between when you turn on the hot water tap and when hot water is provided. For another, it is very difficult to overwhelm tank water heaters with demand. Unless you’re having multiple people taking long showers at once, you probably aren’t going to run out of hot water with a tank water heater. Of course, having to stay on all the time means that tank water heaters do use more energy than other water heater types. Most homeowners are willing to make that tradeoff for the added convenience that tank water heaters provide, though.

We Install, Repair & Maintain Tank Water Heaters

Installing a tank water heater of any kind should only be handled by a professional. It will probably involve dealing with a natural gas line, and certainly require at least a little bit of electrical work. Both of these procedures have the potential for catastrophic injury or death if not handled correctly, which is why you should trust us to handle all tank water heater installation steps for you.

Tank water heaters also develop the occasional problem, just like any other system. In order to prevent avoidable problems from cropping up, you should schedule annual preventive maintenance services. Occasionally, problems may occur anyway, and in that case, you should call for repairs as quickly as possible. Western Heating & Cooling provides a full range of Portland tank water heater maintenance and repair services.

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