The Benefits of Modular Rooftop Units for Commercial AC

Commercial air conditioning systems often have a much more challenging job than residential systems, and any advantages an office or commercial space can utilize in that arena should be pursued. After all, commercial systems must often keep much larger spaces cool, as well as accounting for computer systems and other key business components that require cool air to operate. A breakdown or similar problem can be far more problematic in a commercial setting as well. While a residence can sit tight and sweat it out for a few days until a repair service arrives, commercial properties have no such luxuries. A loss of cool air for even a few hours in the summer can drive customers away, force employees to go home or work in unpleasant conditions, and damage computer hard drives.

The more you can do to make your commercial air conditioner problem-free, the better off both you and your business will be. That’s why we often recommend modular rooftop units for commercial enterprises. These are multiple HVAC units, usually identically sized and each producing a set amount of cooling power, placed on the roof of your business. At first glance, it seems a little wrong-headed, especially considering the pounding it will take from rain, snow and other forms of inclement weather. Rooftop systems are built to withstand the elements however, and in exchange, they offer a number of benefits.


The big advantage of modular air conditioners is that they allow you to shift the power output of your system without having to replace the whole air conditioner every time. If your business grows and you need more cooling power – or a new tenant enters the space with entirely different air conditioning needs – then you can simple add another modular unit to the system to boost the power. You can also detach units or shut them off in the event you need less cooling power.

That’s a difficult equation if the air conditioner is placed inside with limited space to work with. But on the roof, you have a great deal of room to expand. The rooftop also lets you get new units up and down comparatively easily, without having to get them through the sometimes-tight confines of the interior building space.


When repairs are needed on your commercial AC, they should ideally take place without disrupting your day-to-day operations. That can be tough when the system is primarily indoors. But on the roof, the technician can do the work without disrupting your regular routine, letting employees and customers continue to interact while the system receives the attention it needs.

Furthermore, space is often at a premium in most commercial buildings, and air conditioners can take up a lot of room. Placing them on the roof frees up a lot of space inside, which you can use for storage, work stations or even parking spots on the outside parts of the property for workers and customers.

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