What Actually Happens During Ac Maintenance?

So, you’ve been proactive with your HVAC system and scheduled a maintenance appointment. Now you’re wondering what this maintenance entails. Routine maintenance keeps your air conditioner running well and can even extend its lifetime, so an annual AC tune-up is always worth the price. The service will always pay for itself in lower repair costs, reduced energy bills, and eliminate the need to purchase new equipment. Our team at Western Heating & Cooling performs impeccable AC repair in Hillsboro, OR and we’re always ready to serve you.


Your annual AC maintenance will include a multitude of things that will ensure that your system is functioning properly and continues to do so in the future. You can personally maintain your AC system by replacing air filters, cleaning your outdoor unit, and keeping vents clear. However, there are many parts of an air conditioning system that a professional needs to evaluate.

  • Electrical: You might not notice an electrical inconsistency within your system, but one of our trained technicians can. During an appointment, your technician checks for loose connections and frayed wires throughout the system. If this part of the system isn’t functioning properly, your HVAC system won’t perform well.
  • Thermostat: The thermostat is the part of your AC system you interact with most often. A technician makes sure it remains up to par by calibrating it and testing its functions.
  • Refrigerant: A specialist checks that your air conditioner is charged. If it’s undercharged, the system might be leaking, and if it’s overcharged, you could pay too much in energy costs.
  • Condensate drain: When your AC operates, the condensate drain is the component that removes condensation. If everything functions correctly then water collects in a pan and drains away. During high usage times like summer, the drain can overflow and cause water damage to other parts of your system. This part of the system is also prone to blockages. A technician will ensure that things are draining properly within the system.
  • Capacitors: AC capacitors work with the blower, the motor, and the compressor. If these capacitors don’t work correctly, your system will struggle to start or will short cycle. Your technician checks that these run effectively during an annual tune-up.
  • Coils: After a long summer of cooling, your coils might be dirty. Dirty condenser coils decrease the efficiency of your system because the dirt makes it difficult for the unit to remove the heat from the system. Annual maintenance to clean these parts will make sure your system still performs at full capacity.
  • Blower: A technician will test the blower to ensure the airflow remains efficient, the sound emitted from the blower stays as quiet as possible, and temperatures remain balanced.


Getting your AC checked by a professional at the end of a season is always a smart idea. The Western Heating & Cooling team commits to ensuring that you remain comfortable in your home by providing the best service possible.

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