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HVAC Services in Lake Oswego, OR

If you live in Lake Oswego, OR, you likely have a gas or electric furnace in your home to keep warm on our snowy winter days. But you also have an air conditioner to handle our hot, muggy summers. Both systems need to be regularly maintained to do their job and repaired quickly whenever they suffer unexpected breakdowns.

At Western Heating & Cooling, we have experts on both furnace repairs and air conditioners ready to solve your problem quickly and promptly. We also supply installation services for putting a new heating system into your home. We’re ready when you are, so call us today, or simply schedule a service online today!

How to Tell You Need Home Heating Services

A problem with your furnace or other form of heater can take many forms, but none of them are welcome. Lake Oswego, OR is too cold in the winter to go without a reliable heating system, and even a little hiccup in your heating system can spell big trouble if you’re not careful. Anything unusual in your heater’s operation should merit a call to Western Heating & Cooling: strange noises, lowered heating levels, or even just unexpected spikes in your monthly bill.

Heating & Furnace Services IN lAKE oSWEGO:

Air Conditioning Systems Must Be Balanced

  • You probably know better than to purchase an underpowered air conditioner, but did you know that overpowered air conditioners will create similar problems? An oversized AC will turn on and off again in rapid succession, a process known as short–cycling that wastes energy and creates a lot of strain on the system. You need an air conditioner that is balanced to the specific needs of your particular home: neither too large nor too small but just right. Call Western Heating & Cooling to ensure you get the right AC.


We Also Offer Commercial HVAC Services

We know that owning a business is no easy feat. There are towns of things you have to worry about on a daily basis. Leave your commercial HVAC services to the professionals at Western Heating & Cooling and focus on the things that really matter, like your bottom line! Give us a call today or read on to learn more about the commercial HVAC services we offer.

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